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Students Illness at School

If a student becomes ill during school hours, she must have a pass from the teacher in charge and report to the nurse’s office. If the nurse is not there, she is to report to the main office. If she becomes ill between classes, she should secure a pass from the teacher of the next scheduled class.

The school nurse will notify parents or guardians in the event the student needs to be sent home. Permission by the school nurse or administrator is required before any student with an illness may leave the building. Parents/guardians or their designated emergency contacts are responsible for escorting the child home from school within a reasonable (within one hour) amount of time. Students should not use their cell phones to contact parents with regard to illness or injury at school.

Parents will be contacted by phone with the following:

  • Injuries – deep cuts, head, eye, ear, joint or bone injuries, insect or tick bites
  • Illnesses – wheezing or breathing trouble, chest pain, fever over 100 degrees, vomiting, diarrhea, severe pain, headache, rash, sore throat with fever
  • Anything else that the nurse feels requires parental attention
  • Those ” boo-boos” that require only a Band-Aid will be handled without a call

Any child who injures themselves during or after school hours, which results in the child having a cast, sling, crutches or any other medical devices, a note must accompany them on their return to school. Students have permission to ride the school elevator if needed, but we must have a note from her doctor stating this is necessary. This note must be brought to the Main Office.

Activity Restrictions

Any activity restrictions such as: no gym, dance, recess or sports must have a doctor’s note stating: the type of injury and any limitations in movement.  If your child is restricted from using the stairs in school, this must also be mentioned in the note, giving need to necessary elevator use.

If a different shoe is necessary due to an injury, it must be a closed toe shoe.

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