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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

Clubs and Activities

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Clubs and activities at Villa Maria Academy offer opportunities for students to follow their passion through extracurricular life. Students participate in clubs and activities that represent a variety of interests. Extracurricular activities are designed to give students a well-rounded education both in and out of the classroom. All activities happen on campus, before, during, or after school. It is our hope that girls with exposure to many different types of activities will find one that is the perfect fit for them.

Extracurricular activities allow students to interact with their classmates in new and different environments. They socialize and develop close friendships while honing their skills in leadership, arts, athletics, music, and more.

Below are some of our offerings:

  • Altar Servers
  • Baton
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Forensics*
  • Guitar
  • Gymnastics
  • Handbell Choir
  • Mathletes (grade 8)*
  • Piano
  • Safety Patrol
  • Student Leadership ***
  • TechKnows Club **
  • Voice Lessons
  • Yearbook (grade 8)
  • Literary Magazine

* Competitive Academic Teams

** Activities which require students to try out

*** Student Leadership Team Members are voted into position

Note: Some clubs and activities are geared towards certain grade levels.

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