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Private All Girls School | Preschool – 8th Grade | Malvern, PA
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Our Values

Our Foundational Values – The IHM Charism

We strive to maintain a culture which is rooted in the charism of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is love, creative hope and fidelity. The charism informs every decision and sets the tone for our relationships with God and with one another.

Love is lived and shared in our efforts to maintain a strong relationship with our God, and in and through the actions of respect and reverence we demonstrate to every member of the human family, especially those we meet every day.

Inspired by our founding story, we define creative hope primarily as a deep reliance on God’s providence. We claim the power of creative hope in our willingness to find a way when no way seems obvious and to believe that everyone can make a difference.

Fidelity calls us to keep our commitments to our loving God and to one another. We practice fidelity in our responsibilities to daily practices, in our loyalty to the academy and to one another. Fidelity calls forth staying power, fostering resilience and perseverance in all aspects of our lives.

Leadership and joyful service are visible signs of our commitment to selfless relationships characterized by respect, reverence, empathy, compassion and concern.


Students are taught that leadership is primarily related to the power of their influence. Internalizing this concept, we believe, is the foundation to future success.

Throughout the Preschool through Eighth Grade experience, girls engage in collaborative learning opportunities to develop critical thinking skills and unlock leadership potential. Embedded in the academic program is a commitment to the understanding of group dynamics, social responsibility, and leadership through love and service.


The primary Gospel mandate is that of service. Service learning allows students to discover more about their personal motivations and apply academic context beyond the classroom. They develop critical thinking skills when challenged with social issues and real-world problems. They understand the impact of the individual on the local and global community. Service is a key leadership tenet that permeates every aspect of Villa’s culture.

Emphasis on service includes

  • School-wide student service projects
  • Collaboration with community charity programs
  • An outreach component to Student Leadership Team
  • Service programs required of all athletic teams
  • Support of student/family service projects
  • Daily opportunities to be of service to one another
  • Responding to the immediate needs of the most vulnerable

Service projects

Although projects change each year, below are some of the projects and organizations which Villa has and continues to support.

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