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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

7th Grade Science Class Holds VMA Shark Tank

For a recent Middle School Science project, the seventh grade girls at Villa Maria Academy researched a genetic disorder caused by two recessive alleles.  They then looked into the challenges associated with living with that disorder, as described by those who have it.  Based on this research, their teacher, Mrs. Duke, asked them to “design an original product in a Shark Tank presentation to seek “funding” for their original product.”

The girls had to create a Power Point presentation about the genetic disorder, who it affects, the challenges they face, the product along with a logo and it’s price point and why their product will help.

Stephanie, Bridget, Emily, and Courtney created a product that was “simple but fantastic,” said Mrs. Duke. “It is called a MediBottle. The medibottle was produced to make taking medicine for people with cystic fibrosis easier and more accessible. The medicine you take is stored inside the bottle in a tight seal. When you need the medicine just pull, release, and mix. Simple, but such a fantastic idea! I’m so proud of all the girls for their efforts and their research. They really did a great job with these presentations.”

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