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The All-Girl Advantage

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Why Choose a Girls’ School?

Girls’ schools teach that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl. At girls’ schools a girl occupies every part in the play, every seat on the student government, and every position on every team.

Not only does she have a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development; she has a wealth of peer role models. Girls’ schools create many opportunities for leadership in the classroom and in life.

The advantages are clear; girls’ schools provide an environment that gives every girl an opportunity to showcase her emerging intellect and talents. The experience allows girls to explore and nurture their passions and potential.

Girls Learn Different than Boys

Girls learn in different ways than boys, at different rates and at different times in their developmental stages. At an all-girls’ school, instruction is geared to the way girls learn.

Preparing Them for the Real World

Contrary to the claim that girls’ schools do not prepare girls for the “real world,” research continues to validate and quantify the advantages of single-sex education for girls. These advantages include higher test scores, superior reading, advanced writing and science skills, higher numbers of math and science college majors, higher numbers of doctorates, and higher numbers of graduates who pursue careers in math, science, and technology. Young women leave girls’ schools with the tools and confidence necessary for academic and personal success in college and beyond.

Social Benefits of All-Girls’ Schools

In a single-sex school, a girl learns that her value and capabilities have nothing to do with how she looks or how her male counterparts might perceive her.  Girls’ schools create a positive environment to counteract media pressure to grow up too quickly. Without social distraction, girls can have a greater ability to focus on their work—and teachers can demand that such work meet the highest standards.

Quick Facts

• Girls in single-gender schools score an average of 15-22% higher on standardized tests than their counterparts in co-ed schools.
• 90% of those attending girls’ schools report belonging to a community organization such as a charitable, civic or educational group or arts association.
• Nearly 75% of girls attending girls’ schools say that the experience taught them that women can accomplish anything; girls’ school graduates demonstrate more self-confidence and ambition.
• 95% of recent girls’ school graduates said that having a career and profession was very or extremely important to them.
• 94% of women who attend girls’ schools report that their experience was positive.
• 93% of girls’ school graduates are very or extremely satisfied with their school’s ability to provide individualized attention
• Girls’ school graduates are six times more likely to consider majoring in math, science, and technology compared to girls who attend co-ed school
*National Coalition of Girls Schools

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