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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

Author Jen Bryant Hosts Writing Workshop

On April 12, local author Jen Bryant, visited Villa Maria Academy. She spoke to students in Grades 3-5 about her books, her passion for writing, what inspires her, her research and her curiosity for human behavior.

“As a resident of Chester County, Jen Bryant adds the flavor of our area to her original works,” said school Librarian, Mrs. Sarah Connelly. “In addition to riveting stories, Ms. Bryant brings us characters displaying compassion, perseverance, and determination.  Her mostly female protagonists are creative, inventive, and show an intellectual curiosity that inspires readers of all ages. Her books are very  topical right now among students in this age group too, which is great.”

Both student and teachers were captivated by her and intrigued about her experiences through her writing process. The girls couldn’t jump out of their seats fast enough with questions! Ms. Bryant held two morning sessions, one for third graders and one for fourth and fifth graders. During her session with the fourth and fifth graders, she went into more detail about the process of her writing for the girls.

After lunch, Ms. Bryant hosted a writing workshop for the fifth grade students. She first has them do a creative writing activity using PLACE to create the plot and characters in their story. She asked them to think about three places they had been recently and write down sensory details about that memory (what they heard, saw, smelled, touched, or tasted). She then had them choose their most detailed one and begin to write a story. She had some girls read them aloud, and she gave them pointers (as well as their classmates) on how they could make their story better from an editors point-of-view. The girls had so much fun they didn’t want to leave the room and some stayed after to speak with her more about their stories. She encouraged the girls to practice their writing skills by journaling, reading, and learning focus on what they know when they write.

We were honored to have Ms. Bryant speak to our girls and share her experiences with them! A huge thank you to Ms. Bryant, Mrs. Connelly and Senora Maria for all their preparations and for a wonderful day of learning!

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