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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

Christmas Pageant – The Court of the Infant King

For Villa’s Christmas Pageant this year, we have focused on the Alphonsian tradition of the Court of the Infant King. Saint Alphonsus developed a spirituality that focused on four themes: the Christmas crib, the cross of Calvary, the Blessed Sacrament, and Mary, the Mother of God. Alphonsus tried to reduce lofty truths of salvation into simple practices that would appeal to ordinary people. The custom of Serving in the Court of the Infant King is one example. The Christmas practice of Drawing the Courts of the Infant King assigns participants to a particular role in the court of the King of Heaven and suggests a practice that is appropriate to the specific role in the court. Throughout Advent, students have been learning about the specific roles of the courts of the Infant King so that the Christmas Pageant will be a prayerful celebration of this Alphonsian tradition.


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