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PreK Students Collaborate with Kindergartners for a STEM Lesson

On March 17, the PreK students had a blast visiting the “big school” to collaborate with the Kindergarten class for a fun STEM activity.

“They got to experience what happens when you get to Kindergarten,” said Mrs. Albanese. “Miss Beck was so nice to invite the students to help them to get to know her as a teacher and see that Kindergarten is fun too.”

Miss Beck first read the students Let’s Move it: What Makes Things Move by Baby Professor, and then put them into groups of both Kindergartners and PreK students and challenged them to create a ramp that they could race Hot Wheels cars down. The students were able to use any objects in the classroom to create their ramp. They got very creative! Some even used several books and taped them together using masking tape. Others used blocks, rulers and binders.

“They were very creative and had a great time together,” said Miss Beck.

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