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Preschool and PreK Students Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Feast

This morning, students in the Preschool and PreK classes at Villa Maria Academy celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast in the cafeteria.

The children were introduced to the Thanksgiving theme last week.

The PreK students worked very hard on their Native American Vests and headbands! “Their illustrations on their vests of all that the Native Americans were grateful for are just amazing!” said Mrs. Albanese.  On Thursday, PreK students reenacted the journey for the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and their arrival to America!  “The kids enjoyed pretending to be Native Americans here in America (circle time rug) and Pilgrims who traveled across the Atlantic Ocean (our classroom carpet) and finally reaching the beach of Plymouth Mass. (our circle time rug) and stepping foot on a Villa Maria replica of Plymouth Rock!” Mrs. Albanese said.

On Monday, the students baked muffins for the Feast and created their Native American Noodle Necklaces to complete their Native American costume for the celebration.

The Preschool students focused on the life of the Pilgrims. They made their very own apple pies and enjoyed them during snack the next day. They also worked on their fine motor skills by sewing and weaving just like the pilgrims. They even learned their new letter of the week by practicing it with quill pens.

They enjoyed a wonderful feast this morning for their special day!

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