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Seventh Grade Performs at Shakespeare Festival

On March 31, the Seventh grade performed their annual Shakespeare Festival. In Mrs. Buck’s ELA class, during their unit on Shakespeare the girls studied the works of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet and performed skits for grades 5-7 and an evening performance for family and friends.

Mrs. Buck dissected the scripts for the girls and added in extra scenes to make it more relevant to them. The girls had a great time learning and putting on the performances and said, “We were so confused before, but since we had to act out the scenes we understand it much better now.”

“Such a joy to see their confidence bloom right before us.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and their teamwork to pull together all the behind-the-scenes work that is required of a performance,” said Mrs. Buck, Seventh Grade ELA Teacher. “As with any production some of the “biggest roles” are the ones you don’t necessarily see when the curtain opens.”

Typically, students do not study Shakespeare until high school, but at Villa, the girls are learning early. “Reading Shakespeare is beneficial in that it helps build one’s comprehension skills,” said Mrs. Buck. “Shakespeare’s works are hard to understand, and you have to translate as you read. This is good because it improves your understanding capacity and helps you to better comprehend other works of literature. They will be fully prepared when they get to high school.”

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