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Seventh Graders Raise More Funds to Help Child in Need

As part of their service learning in Religion class, through the Unbound program, the seventh grade adopted Holga. Holga is a 10-year old girl living in Guatemala. Because of an illness, Holga spends her life in a wheelchair. She lives with her mom, dad, and 3 siblings in an adobe house with a dirt floor. She can’t go to school because of her illness, but she loves playing with dolls and talking with her friends.

To help raise money to support 10-year old Holga in Guatemala, the girls come up with fundraisers that they can do during the school day. Their first fundraiser was a bucketball game called “Hoops for Holga,” and raised a total of $500. For their second fundraiser last week, the girls did a hula hoop game called “Hula for Holga.” The girls raised another $350 for Holga. Way to go girls!

“They raised a total of $850,” said Seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Buck. “It’s so great. The girls decided they will give Holga a good amount of the money up front, and then save the rest for their monthly giving and to give her a gift at Christmas and another for her birthday. They are very excited.”

We’re so proud of the leadership the girls have taken on this service learning project.

Congratulations to all our Hula Hoop winners! Fastastic job!

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