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Sixth Graders Play SMATH with Mrs. Klass

On November 6, Mrs. Klass’ 6th grade math students did something a little different than a regular lesson to have some fun with numbers. They played SMATH!

Practice makes perfect in the world of math, but practice is more fun when it’s a game. SMATH, is a board game that is exactly like SCRABBLE but instead of the players having tiles with letters they have tiles with numbers, operands, parentheses, equal signs. And instead of building words with the tiles, they build numerical equations and include the solution, for example: 2 + 3 = 5. The game can be played at different levels of difficulty, from simple addition problems to equations combining operations (for example, (2)(2 + 3) = 5 x 2), which makes it educational, but still entertaining.

“They loved it!,” said Mrs. Klass. “Math is fun, and I want them to love what they are learning. And it was nice that it challenged them as well.”

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