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Technology News: Noodle Tools

7th grade is starting a research project in ELA related to a historical fiction book they read. They’ll be using Noodle Tools to organize their project. Noodle Tools replaces the index cards that were used in the past when creating a research project.

Noodle Tools is an integrated tool for note taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.

  • Teaches evaluation and analysis of sources; not simply a “machine” that automates the process.
  • Extensive help for each citation element.
  • Online notecards capture author’s words, images, graphs, and original formatting.
  • Software guides student through paraphrasing and prompts for original thinking.
  • Built-in editor enables annotation of notes, improving comprehension, analysis and reflection.
  • Notecards linked to citations to ensure proper attribution.
  • Students share working bibliographies and notecards with teachers for feedback.
  • While viewing a student’s citation form, teacher can insert comments and ask questions.
  • Web-based, saved work can be accessed from any computer, no software to install.
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