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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

“When we first entered the doors of Villa Maria Academy with our triplet daughters, who were babies at the time, we knew instantly Villa was a special place.  While we were impressed with the IHM Sisters’ charism, their commitment to educating young girls and the dedication of Villa’s teachers, what fascinated us the most was the self-confidence exhibited by the middle school students and how well they communicated with each other, their teachers and other adults.  On our first visit, we were confident Villa would provide our girls with the best Catholic all-girls’ education in the region!  What we didn’t realize was what a truly special place Villa is or the impact the school and community would have on our lives and family!

As a family, we enjoyed getting involved in the school and participating in all Villa has to offer to its students and their families.  We made countless memories at Villa’s Family Bingo, Family Mass and Picnic, Ice Skating Night, and so many other special events.  And, at Villa, we were blessed to develop unexpected friendships and make lifelong friends.  During their nine years at Villa, our daughters grew from three curious kindergartners to independent, confident, compassionate, young women, each with their own talents, unique goals and a passion to live life to the fullest. We credit Villa’s incredibly dedicated IHM Sisters and teachers for the amazing young women our girls have become. The Sisters and teachers instilled in our daughters a love of learning and a strong work ethic. They inspired our daughters to pursue their dreams and a desire to help those less fortunate through volunteer service; and they fostered a sense of independence and individuality in each one.

Villa Maria Academy is so much more than just a school!  It’s a special place…it’s a community filled with love, support, and an array of opportunities for young girls to grow and develop academically, emotionally and socially.  At Villa, girls learn to respect themselves and each other; and they learn the importance of family values and making good choices.  We love Villa for all it offered our daughters – a fabulous education, teaching of the Catholic faith, dedicated IHM Sisters, exceptional teachers who adore and care about their students, and a warm, loving and safe environment.   For our family, Villa is an exceptional place, a place that challenged our girls to become the best they can be, a place that empowered our girls to realize their greatest potential in life, a place they love and will always refer to as their second home.”

– Christopher and Maria Kelly, P, ’18

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