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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

“We came to Villa when our oldest daughter, Alexandra, was entering fourth grade and our youngest daughter, Kennedy, was entering kindergarten.  Our local parish school was struggling in a number of ways that were beginning to negatively impact Alex and her two brothers.  We had heard many great things about Villa from a few of our friends who had daughters either attending at that time or who had attended Villa, so it was high on our list of potential schools.  In this next step for our girls, we wanted a school that was rich with Catholic traditions and teachings, strong in academics, and after some important research, all girls.  We attended the Villa Open House and were very impressed with Sister Susan and the other IHM sisters.  We were equally impressed with the academic program and the teachers.  What we ended up being most impressed with was the girls.  They were young women who were confident, articulate, well mannered, and genuinely likeable.  We could tell this wasn’t staged, either.  This was truly who the Villa students were.  What we have come to learn about Villa in our five years of being part of the school is that the school is so much more.  It’s a family.  It’s a place where our girls are thriving.  They are deepening their faith and being challenged to live a Catholic life with a strong moral compass.  They are being taught to care for others before themselves.  They are being educated at a high level from loving and dedicated teachers that care so much about each of our girls.  Most importantly, they are happy.  They are genuinely happy with who they are and love going to school each day.  This has allowed Alex and Kennedy to grow a deeper understanding of themselves which shows in their confidence level and their willingness to take on new challenges.  Alex just graduated from Villa and is well prepared for high school—academically, socially and personally.  Kennedy is entering fifth grade and is ready to take on the new challenges coming her way.  From our hearts, Villa is a wonderful place that will help you to raise your daughter as a confident, intellectually curious, and morally prepared young women.  In this world in which our daughters are all being challenged each day in many not so wonderful ways, we all need a place like Villa for our girls.”

-Kathleen and Michael Harrington, P, ’18 and ’22

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