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Building Character and Instilling Values in Girls

As parents, we strive to shape the character of our daughters every day. Our influence is seen in the way we talk, the behaviors we model, and the values we transmit. We all want our daughters to possess traits and abilities such as a loving heart, faithfulness, peacefulness, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control that will carry them through life. But teaching how to live these ideals can be difficult. Here are a few suggestions to help you better teach and model these important attributes.

  1. Be a loving person – Putting others first is a sign of love. If your daughter sees anyone who’s left out on the playground, or has no one to play with, encourage her to play with that person that day.
  2. Be a faithful or loyal friend – Encourage your daughter to make good friends and resist the urge to abandon the friendship when someone more interesting comes along. Your daughter should strive to be someone her friends can count on.
  3. Be a peaceful person – All it takes to stop trouble is one child who reminds others of what is right. Encourage your daughter to be that person
  4. Be a patient person – This isn’t easy. Challenge your daughter to be kind to a younger sibling or friend who does things slowly, or waiting without complaint while Mom or Dad prepares dinner.
  5. Be a kind person –Give your daughter a specific way to recognize a need and offer kindness – like offering help with bags when you come in from the grocery store, or to help with making lunches.
  6. Be a gentle person – If you find your daughter saying something hurtful to someone, instruct her to refrain from commenting, or demonstrate a more gentle way to communicate her feelings.
  7. Be a self-controlled person – Learning to monitor her own behavior is important. Challenge your daughter to wait before responding to something that makes her angry or excited.

Instilling Values in Girls at Villa Maria Academy through Charism
Instilling values is a core part of our mission at Villa Maria Academy. Villa actively teaches students to more fully understand who they are and what they are called to do through the IHM Charism of Love, Creative Hope and Fidelity

Girls learn that the charism virtue of Love manifests itself in joy, respect, and reverence; it becomes real in kindness and compassion; it exercises justice with mercy; it responds with acute sensitivity to human need. Villa students learn that the charism virtue of Creative Hope never gives up. It places all its confidence in God’s loving Providence; it seeks to make a way where there seems to be no way; it finds in the present a hint of something more, looking beyond what appears to be to what really is; it believes that we can make a difference, looking to the future with fresh eyes and renewed vigor.

The charism virtue of Fidelity teaches the members of the Villa community the value of perseverance, staying power, courage, and faithful commitment over time. It calls forth their enduring love.

At Villa Maria Academy, girls learn that it is their ongoing task and responsibility to claim this God-given gift, this Charism, and to be sure that it finds a home in their hearts.

Our Christian tradition teaches students that they are to use these charism virtues for the common good. Villa’s mission supports the understanding of group dynamics, social responsibility, and leadership through love and service. At Villa, each girl not only has her own voice, but is also a productive member of a collaborative team of learners.

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