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Growing Strong Female Leaders

All women are capable of accomplishing incredible feats. However, success manifests itself in many forms and there is no simple way to define what makes an individual successful. Each generation is motivated by unique goals, ideals, principles, and perspectives which guide each person to strive for success in their own individualized way. Even though successful women come from all backgrounds, at the center of every successful woman is strong leadership skills that helped her achieve her goals.

What is a Strong Female Leader?

Leadership itself can be a rather amorphous concept. Often times the first thing that comes to mind are strong-willed individuals who excel at direction and decision making, and who are prompted to take action in light of strong convictions. We often think of politicians, social activists, and business executives – and undoubtedly, such individuals are great role models for young and aspiring women. However, leadership is not limited to the ability to guide and manage others. It also encompasses the ability to lead oneself and unlock one’s self-confidence and establish a sense of personal responsibility. Learning how to harness these skills early in life ensures long-term success in the future.

Being a Strong Female Leader at Villa Maria Academy

Having recognized the benefits of instilling leadership skills in young women at an early age, Villa Maria Academy strives to create opportunities for our students to engage their inner leadership potential. We create an environment where our students are taught how to take responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to adopt strong organizational skills and maintain positive attitudes. Our staff helps our students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as boost confidence and persistence. We truly believe these leadership skills equip our students the ability to pursue individual growth and community development.

At the core of Villa Maria’s commitment to building a strong leadership foundation in our students is the House System. Middle school students are grouped into six houses, which allows the student body to build connections and comradery in a smaller community of students and faculty. Every house is named after a woman saint who embodied love and leadership, and who will encourage students to strive for the same.

The House System creates a safe place for students to voice ideas, thoughts, and even concerns related to life, learning, and community. Through their common identity, Houses work collaboratively to grow and improve student life and build strong connections with fellow students and faculty. During monthly meetings, students are encouraged to actively participate, thus fostering communication and leadership skills in these young women. We believe that by creating a space where different ideas, strategies, and points of view come together creates an opportunity where students learn to listen and work creatively.

More Ways to be a Strong Female Leader at Villa

Leadership opportunities can be found outside of the House System as well. Students at Villa Maria have access to dozens of extracurricular activities and programs that also assist young women in unleashing their leadership potential. Students can participate in the Student Leadership Team or in the Big Sister/Little Sister Program, where they will have the chance to apply leadership skills in real-world scenarios and gain practical experience not only working with others but also in building self-assurance and becoming role models for others.

Leaders play an invaluable role in society. They are usually the first to take action, provide motivation and guidance to others, facilitate a cohesive environment and inspire those around them. Good leadership is the catalyst that facilitates positive change in communities and perpetuates growth and progress. Villa Maria strives to create opportunities for young women to tap into their leadership potential early, to help them to gain the tools necessary to succeed in the future. These skills will stay with students long after their time at Villa Maria has passed. By building a strong foundation in our students today, they will be prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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