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Kindergarten Class Publishes a Book

By: Mrs. Sarah Connelly, School Librarian

We are very pleased to let you know that we have published a book written by the Kindergarten Class under the guidance of Ms. Kate Beck!

The students titled the book, Ella from Paris, with each girl contributing one to two pages of text and illustration.  Ms. Beck discussed the components of a story: main idea, setting, character, and detail with the girls who then voted on those features that would be used for their story.

While choosing Paris as the setting for Ella’s adventures the girls explored a map of France as well as features of the French culture—a true cross- curricular activity!

Illustrations were completed and then the girls had the opportunity to relate their part of Ella’s experience to Ms. Beck and Mrs. Bevilacqua who guided them as they typed their own words. Story text and illustrations were then combined using the Book Creator App and the final product was printed and bound in the library.

One copy of Ella from Paris will remain in the Kindergarten classroom and one copy will be available in the library for checkout.  There is an electronic version accessible online so that the Villa Community may share our budding authors’ creation!

Ella from Paris, By Villa Maria Academy’s Kindergarten class

We’ll be working with teachers from Grades Pre-K to 5 in the coming months as they develop material for their own classroom books.  Teachers are very excited about the possible themes and non-fiction tie-ins to their curriculum:  Notable Women (3rd Grade), Early American Patriots (4th Grade), Poetry (5th Grade) are just a few of the ideas under discussion.

Keep a look-out for our Villa published additions to the library!

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