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5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Child’s Online School Search

With this year’s events having an impact on how we shop for our child’s education, how can you get a sense of a school and its community for your child by only viewing virtual tours and following social media channels? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Use your network

Reach out to those you know who may have a connection with schools you are interested in, and ask them about what they know and about their experiences. It is a good way to get an inside look into what the school community is like.

  1. Talk to teachers

Contact the Admissions Director of the school and ask if teachers at the school would be willing to talk with you about any concerns you or your child may have about curriculum, homework, or daily routine. It will help you both to get a better sense of what happens daily at school, and how the teachers feel about mentoring their students.

  1. Talk to current students

The Admissions Director will also be able to assist you in connecting with current students in your child’s grade, or who have similar interests as your child.

  1. Listen to alumnae

If you know any former students, alumnae could be a great resource for you. Inquire how prepared they felt when they went off to high school and what types of opportunities the school offered for enrichment. Parents of alumnae can also be helpful in sharing how a school positively affected their child. If parents feel their investment in their child’s education was valuable, they are always happy to share with others.

  1. Register for online admissions events

Keep your eye out for online events offered by the schools you are interested in and make sure to sign up for them and ask questions. For example, what does a typical day look like for s student? What scholarships, if any, are available? What types of enrichment and after-school activities are offered? Admissions teams are eager to connect with you and answer your questions. Whether you connect through an online information session or schedule a private call or visit, they want to learn more about you and your child.

Finding the best “fit” for your child and your family is the ultimate goal of the admissions process. It is about finding a learning environment where your child can thrive and grow and where the mission and philosophy of the school match the educational goals and values of your family.

Our objective at Villa Maria Academy Lower School is to ensure that all of our students are best placed for success and to provide them with a learning environment where they will develop and grow to be their best selves. Contact our Admissions Office to learn more about the support Villa can offer you as you make this important decision.

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