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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

Third Grade Celebrate Notable Women

Last Friday, the 3rd graders of Villa Maria Academy honored notable women by presenting their Third Annual Notable Women Courtyard Conclave.

As a culmination to their studies on Biographies, the girls were asked to choose a Famous Woman in history, and learn about that woman’s life – enough to be able to have a short conversation in Villa’s courtyard with a gathering of parents. An array of women in costume flooded the courtyard, all dressed in their best!

Mrs. Connelly, Villa’s Librarian, assisted the girls in helping them gather books for the choosing of their “Famous Woman” for their project. Mrs. Sturm, Villa’s Art Teacher, assisted the girls with creating their portraits. And Miss Connors, Villa’s Music Teacher, assisted the girls with learning their song to sing before their conclave.

“It was a cross-curricular project,” said Miss Thomas. “The girls worked very hard, and this is such a fun day for them.” “It’s so nice for the girls to be able to walk up to parents and have a conversation about their famous woman as opposed to standing in front of a small crowd reciting lines,” said Mrs. Hannigan. “It allows them to be more independent and confident in who they have chosen to be.”

Congratulations to the girls and their teachers on a wond

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