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If a student is diagnosed with a concussion, it is our desire that he/she recover as quickly as possible. In the medical profession, there is a universal agreement the cognitive and physical rest is critical to healing. Once a student has returned to school, it is assumed that, with appropriate medical accommodations, he/she is capable of working in class; completing assignments, homework and assessments. Any medical accommodation must be updated by a medical professional on a regular basis until the student has been cleared for full academic participation including physical education (gym & dance), recess and attendance. Students should be headache and concussion symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.

The worst concussion outcomes occur with students who return to school too soon.

A DOCTOR’S NOTE is needed once a student is diagnosed with a concussion, stating; the date of the concussion and all cognitive and physical restrictions!

A concussed student WILL NOT be permitted to participate in any extracurricular activity, sports, field trip, or gym/dance until they are MEDICALLY CLEARED!

(A clearance note, from the doctor, is needed once a student is able to resume all activities both cognitively and physically).

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