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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

Nurse Information

The School Nurse’s responsibility is the care and safety of all students and staff. She maintains all health records. Parents are required to update any medical changes to their child’s health record and emergency forms to the School Nurse.

School Nurses work under written orders of the school district physician for first aid and they are prohibited by law to diagnose injuries or illnesses. Please do not send your child to the school nurse for diagnosis. Decisions regarding the need for medical care rests with the parents and parents are always contacted to take their child home or to the doctor as the need arises.

A Registered Nurse is on duty at Villa from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. daily.

Click the links below for more detailed information from our school Nurse.

Student Emergency Forms

Student Health Education

Student Illness or Injury at school

Student Immunizations

Student Physical & Dental Forms

Student Medications

Student Returning to school after illness

Student Screenings

When to keep your child home

Student Concussions

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