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Private All Girls School | Girls K-8 | Co-Ed Preschool | Malvern, PA

Student Medications

If a student needs to take medication in school, we request that the medication be delivered directly to the school nurse’s office by the parent when at all possible. EPI-PENS and ADD meds must be delivered by the parent.

There is a medication form Permission to Administer Medication in School, which needs to be filled out by a parent or guardian and the doctor. All medicine, both prescription and over the counter, must be in its original container, labeled with name of child, name of medication, dose time, amount and any special instructions.

No expired medications will be given.

Medication listed on emergency cards will be administered to a student only if the medication has been checked “yes” on the card that gives parental permission for its administration.


If your child has asthma and uses a rescue inhaler (like Albuterol), it’s a good idea to bring one into the Nurse’s office, so there is one here for the year for her in case she needs it. There is also a required Asthma Treatment Plan that must be filled out by the doctor.


All Students who are prescribed EPI-PENS must have a Treatment Plan filled out by the doctor and brought in by the parent along with the Epi-pen (this is mandatory on the first day of school).

Allergy Action / Treatment Plans

Starting 2014, these Action Plans will be required on designated days in August prior to the new school year. Dates will be announced at the end of the previous year. This is crucial and a safety issue, so we know the individualized plan prior to the student starting school. These plans are a yearly requirement and must be done each year.

If your child has taken a medication in the morning prior to school, please send a note to school to the teacher who will make the nurse aware. (Most students know that they took something, but not what kind of medicine).

Carrying Medication

No student may carry medication (prescription or over-the counter) on her person while on school grounds. All medication is kept in the nurse’s office (except when doctor allows asthma students to carry inhalers in their book bag). All medication is kept in the nurse’s office!

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